Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Setting Goals for 2013

If I'm going to talk about success in 2013, I must first define it. For some, success is defined by their bank account, or their advanced degrees, or how many friends they have on Facebook, or the awards holding down their mantle. For others, success is a feeling of satisfaction after a day's work, or when helping a friend move, or when making dinner for family and friends. Maybe for some, it's a combination of both. Actually, the only person who can define success for me is ME, and if I let others define it, then it really isn't my success goal, is it?

So, then, what is success for me? Actually, I have multiple goals in my business as well as personal life. One goal I have set is to contribute to my blog more often this year, and I will feel I have succeeded if I make at least two posts a week to my blog. Here are three of my 2013 goals:

Business: Post more of my jewelry and ornaments to my website (or another site), at least one item a week.

Writing: 1. Make at least two posts a week to my blog.

             2. Write more fiction. My goal is at least a chapter a month.

Personal: Organize, organize, and organize.

Using my three-step process outlined on January 1, I have thought about what I want to accomplish this year. Next, I'll start to plan for my goals, and since I am a list-maker I'll start a To-Do list for each of my goals. This will help me to stay on track and give me the satisfaction of being able to check off any steps I've accomplished towards reaching my goals.
You are welcome to follow me on my Goals for 2013 journey. Let me know if anything I have posted or suggested has helped you strive for "Success".

One of my recent glass ornaments.

(See, I've already started by posting my ornament photo here!)

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