Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nurse Penny

No matter what our intensions, there are times when we have to drop everything and deal with whatever is happening RIGHT NOW. We had that situation a couple of days ago when our dogs began to act strange, barking and dancing like there was a new dog hiding under the house. I couldn't see anything with my feeble flashlight, so my brother crawled under the house to see what was there. Penny, one of our dogs, had been injured and was hiding from us and the other dogs, causing them all to be anxious. Even though it was after hours I called the vet  and he agreed to meet us at his office as soon as we could get there. Penny got to spend the night at the vet's, and I was able to pick her up the next day. 

We call her Nurse Penny because she is known for licking the wounds of the other dogs if they are injured, and generally tending to them when they are hurt. She is now recuperating on her bed in the living room, and hopefully she will be back to normal soon.

So, life can take twists and turns that put our dreams and plans on hold, but we should always keep those dreams and plans going in the background. Don't let the misfortunes of life derail your dreams.  

 Poor Sick Penny

Penny Is Feeling Better

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